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Performance testing is undoubtedly one of the most niche testing skills. As elaborated in one of the recent white papers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to acquire the right talent for Performance testing. With our ideal mix of experience (ranging from PTCoE head to Performance test engineer), we understand Performance testing extremely well. The same has been inculcated in our course syllabus. We offer a ~40 hrs comprehensive Performance testing course with a healthy balance between theory and practical experience.

Course Outline

  • Basics Software Testing
    1. Functional testing vs Non-functional Testing
    2. What is Performance Testing
    3. Benefits, When, Why
    4. Basic types of Performance Tests
  • Performance Testing Life Cycle
    1. Requirement elicitation - challenges and best practices
    2. Performance Test Strategy / Planning
    3. Test script and test data preparation
    4. Execution and monitoring
    5. Result analysis - Identify Bottle neck
    6. Understanding of PT terminology
  • Basics skill sets for any Performance test engineer
    1. Architecture understanding - n tier, webservices,MQs
    2. Basic SQL queries
    3. Write basic C functions / Java functions
  • Load Runner hands on lab sessions
    1. Introduction - Vugen,Contoller, Analyzer
    2. Prepare script - LR and C functions, parameterization, correlation, error handling, debugging, runtime setting, recording option…
    3. Set up scenario in controller
    4. Execution and monitoring
    5. issues faced during test execution and analysis - errors / exceptions
    6. Analysis
    7. Lab sessions for Assignments and Practice
  • Performance Monitoring
    1. Hands on sessions on Perfmon and Lab sessions

What you will learn

  • Performance testing concepts and Terminology
  • Hands on skills required to work as Trainee Performance Test Engineer
  • Best practices in Performance Testing

Are there any pre-requisites for this course?

An open mind, a strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and plenty of excitement about learning new skills in Performance testing. If you have good technical ability, you will grasp Performance Testing at ease.

How this course will help you

Our course will help you to jump start your career as ‘Performance test engineer’ if you are a fresher It can also help you embark in the Performance testing domain if you are an experienced functional / manual tester.